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What is the PA Solar Club?

One of Pacific Academy's most popular clubs is the Solar Car Club. Participants in the club work on all stages of developing a solar-powered vehicle: from designing the car, to building and assembling its body and internal components, to securing sponsors to raise funds to participate in the Solar Car Challenge Competition in Texas! As one of only three Solar Car teams in California, the PA Solar Car Team provides students interested in STEM with an invaluable hands-on experience that will serve them well in college and beyond.


Our mission is to design and fabricate a solar-powered car that can go at least 20 miles an hour and that can drive on the road. We want to show that we can use clean energy to replace day-to-day activities to make the world a better place.

Our goal is to win the Solar Car Competition Classic Division


Our Team.

IMG_2035_1 copy.jpg

Because of my great passion for cars since I was a child, every drawing I did was about various cars I imagined racing each other. I am always fascinated by how the car was sculpted to perfection, and it feels even more dynamic when it goes in motion. My parents were also very supportive of me pursuing what I liked and that’s how I met Professor Wong when I was 8 years old. He really shocked me by taking me in his professional class and showed me what is really called Transportation Design and inspired me to study in this path.


I came to PA for my high school and with the full support of Ms. Kelly and other teachers, I was fortunate enough to get into my dream college which is ArtCenter College of Design to study Transportation design. 


Now, I am very excited to have this opportunity to be back to my high school, and to share the experience and excitement with all the students through this solar car project. I am also very blessed with Professor Wong’s full support and stand on my side to pass down valuable knowledge and experience to the team.”

- Tony Zhang, Program Manager

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